Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Dj Migraine Mix...

Without music, life is a journey through a desert...

Migraine Trip by Dj Migraine

Some psychological effects may include an experience of radiant colors, objects and surfaces appearing to ripple or "breathe," coloured patterns behind the closed eyelids (eidetic imagery), an altered sense of time (time seems to be stretching, repeating itself, changing speed or stopping), crawling geometric patterns overlaying walls and other objects, morphing objects, a sense that one's thoughts are spiraling into themselves, loss of a sense of identity or the ego, and other powerful psycho-physical reactions.
Many users experience a dissolution between themselves and the "outside world". Sometimes leads to disintegration or restructuring of the user's historical personality and creates a mental state that some users report allows them to have more choice regarding the nature of their own personality.

New Tee Design

Friend and artist Peter Murgatroyd has designed us this sick as f**k tee design. It'll be in our shop an available to buy very soon!!!